Great Timing...

If you get my newsletter you will have already seen this photo. If you haven't seen this photo, well welcome to my new world (An every three-hour bottle feed during a crazy busy time). The Unstoppable ARC is ready to go, the outline for the next Jersey Girl's book (spoiler alert - it's Nandita's story) is giving me stress, and today Unraveled goes FREE for three days on Amazon.

In the middle of all of this Mark comes wandering in with a three-week old foster kitten. Alfie was found inside a wall in a home. He had been abandoned by his Mummy. Unfortunately, his brothers and sisters didn't make it, but, little scrappy Alfie wasn't ready to give up. He's a handful - but a teeny, tiny sweetie. If you're interested in seeing how he fares, I will be posting progress the Facebook Author Page. Right now he's getting lots and lots of love. Right... back to work!


Lisa-Marie Cabrelli

Lisa-Marie Cabrelli is the founder of several location independent businesses.  She has spent the last 5 years living all over the world while running her businesses from a laptop. Last year she sold her primary eCommerce business and "retired" at 45.  This blog follows her on her travel adventures while she figures out what she wants to be when she grows up.  She's currently a digital nomad, woman entrepreneur, life coach, business coach and writer... but what's next?