I Love Jax!

I am filled with gratitude for the life I have, truly I am.  But let's be honest 2016 was a tough year.  It felt a little mean-spirited to me. Filled with "gotchas" and "told you sos" and "get over its".

The winter in Michigan was tough for me because of the weather.  My arthritis didn't like the temperatures and I didn't like the arthritis.  The spring brought the departure of my best buddy and only daughter Emily which dragged the summer down into one giant empty nest wallow. It wasn't pretty and I wasn't much fun (sorry Mark). The fall brought Hurricane Matthew and unexpected time and financial strains as well as the "I won't even go there" election.  I told Mark that I needed to rest, regroup and park ourselves somewhere that felt like home for a while. Back to Jax!  We found a lovely little two bedroom apartment on the river.  I have my desk back and my whiteboard and a wall full of story development post-its and I'm starting to feel like myself again.  

Having a base doesn't mean that we won't be having any adventures though.  We have a Christmas road trip planned with Emily that includes a sojourn in South Carolina and New Year's Eve in New York City.  In January we have Mark's annual soccer tournament and a possible quick trip to The Bahamas.  We have a friend coming to stay in March. A conference in Texas in April and this lease runs out in June - which means back on the road again.  And as always with us - who knows when our plans might change.

My first novel is coming out in January and if you want to get a free pre-publication ebook you can grab one here.  I am also thousands of words into the sequel specifically requested by one of my "Beta Babe" readers.

All I can say is - Bring it on 2017!