Productivity - My Drug Of Choice


I don't think there is any drug in the world that could make me feel any happier, or stronger or more satisfied than I feel when I am being productive. Perhaps it's not the productivity itself as much as when I am productive I am actively creating. Creating, whether it's businesses or books, makes my heart happy.

In the last 19 days since the New Year began I have given away over 1,400 copies of my first novel, Unraveled. That's 1,400 potential future readers (from no potential future readers I might add). I have set up all of the diverse and complex systems needed to manage my author marketing. I have implemented the majority of the processes needed to communicate with my readers. I have written over 40,000 words of Book Two of the Jersey Girl's series. That's in addition to cheering on my husband at his annual MLK weekend soccer tournament, cooking lots of yummy plant-based meals, enjoying the benefits of living in a walking neighborhood and generally enjoying Jacksonville life.

The secret to this spurt of productivity?  That photo above. That's the view I get every morning when I leave our cozy little apartment for my morning walk.  I have finally implemented a morning routine that makes sense for me and it is having a huge impact on my productivity and life. I go for a brisk walk around the park at sunrise, stop for a stretching session on a bench overlooking the river, come back, brew a cup of decaf, do my 30 minutes of business reading, 10 minutes of meditation and then write until I hit 2,000 words or more. Plus I squeeze a smoothie in there somewhere. I was never a big fan of meditating as it always seemed a bit woo-woo for me. But, after the tumultuous final months of 2016 I had some serious monkey mind when we landed in Jacksonville. I thought I would give it another chance. It's early days yet, but for some reason, I am finding it easier to let go this time around. I can feel the benefits of calmness extending well beyond resolving my monkey mind.

Mark's soccer tournament was fun by the way. We see these guys only once a year but after fifteen years they have become real buddies.  Here's me celebrating with a few of our favorites.

And here's Mark in action!