Road Trip Time...

In case you haven't guessed we love a road trip. With about 20,000 words of the first draft of Uncharted under my belt, I felt confident enough to take a break for our trip to a writer's conference in Austin. Texas.

We decided that we didn't have too many days on either side to spare, so if we wanted a full day in our favorite stopping place, New Orleans, then we would need to commit to eight hour driving days. We drove a lot further than we expected on our first day so we figured we would just stay close by to New Orleans and get an early start the next day (more wandering time is always good). I googled, "cool day trips from New Orleans" and came across lovely, little Mandeville, Louisiana. We had a very relaxing night wandering the quaint and sleepy lakefront town had an excellent meal in Nuvolari's and a lovely sleep and delicious breakfast (gluten-free blueberry pancakes!) at de la Bleau. Sometimes the unplanned stops are the best ones.

The conference was fabulous, and I met some lovely fellow author ladies. Writing can be a pretty lonely business and I didn't know any other authors, so I am thrilled to have some new friends.

We got back to Jax and picked up Alfie from his babysitter, stellar day; he eats from a bowl!!  No more cat food milkshakes for this baby. He's growing up.

Here are some photos from our daytime wandering. Our evening was spent on Frenchman Street listening to great music and staying up far too late.


Stopping for lunch at the Napolean restaurant. Avocado with shrimp creole. Yum!

A band on the street - I could have sat and listened all day.

I'm not sure which one of these folks is the reader in this photo but I'm hoping that it's the woman because that guy looks like he is getting some really good news.


This gentleman pictured was our waiter in the Napolean Restaurant. When he found out that I was a celiac he brought me Voodoo potato chips in place of my croutons. They were yummy!

I aspire to dancing with abandon like this guy was. He was definitely enjoying the music and life.

I asked Mark to get a photo of this street performer because I loved his make-up. How happy must he be to wash that off every night?