Your Best Day Is Always Ahead Of You


I listen to podcasts on my morning walk and this morning chose The Ted Radio Hour.  On this episode, Guy was discussing The Hero's Journey, a theory from mythologist Joseph Campbell about the structure of our most compelling stories.  During the hour they featured the story of Dame Ellen MacArthur, a woman who broke the speed record for sailing around the world alone.

On the day that she arrived home from breaking that record a reporter asked her if today was the best day of her life. She said, "It's a good day, but my best day is always ahead of me."

It struck me that it's not the truth of this statement that's important, it's the belief in this statement.

So today, and every day, may you take a moment to believe that your best day is always ahead of you.


*Photo from the official Dame Ellen MacArthur website.


Lisa-Marie Cabrelli

Lisa-Marie Cabrelli is the founder of several location independent businesses.  She has spent the last 5 years living all over the world while running her businesses from a laptop. Last year she sold her primary eCommerce business and "retired" at 45.  This blog follows her on her travel adventures while she figures out what she wants to be when she grows up.  She's currently a digital nomad, woman entrepreneur, life coach, business coach and writer... but what's next?