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Claire’s life is unraveling. She needs this job. But how can she survive when her creepy boss, Nick, promotes her to a role she doesn’t understand, especially when it’s clear he expects something in return? Things get more complicated when she meets the unbearably sexy vice-president, Satish Bhatt. He’s cold, intimidating, and incredibly distracting. Can Claire save her job and her heart, even when lies and sabotage are on the horizon?

Can Mousy Maureen transform into Magnificent Mo and win the man of her dreams? When sexy, rich, entrepreneur Brad invites Maureen to join him on a dreamy trip to The Bahamas, she packs her new wardrobe and her guide to “Make Every Man Want You” and heads off to Paradise. But Paradise is not what it seems. Stephen hates his job as First Mate on the luxury yacht, “Lauren Belle”, and the last thing he needs is to babysit some spoiled socialite. But Maureen isn’t like any socialite Stephen's ever met. She has secrets he’s dying to uncover and lips he’s dying to kiss. But he has secrets too. And so does the “Lauren Belle”.

She has rules, "No men, no friends, no distractions." He’s about to make her break them. Since the day she came close to losing everything, straitlaced Nandita lives by her rules. But on college graduation day her life starts careening downhill. She gets rejected from the graduate program of her dreams then realizes she has six months to leave the country and return to her controlling parents in India. Her worst nightmare. And creepiest of all, she has a stalker. A man with dark penetrating eyes is following her everywhere.


New Series!! From a small town in the hills of Emilia Romagna, Italy...


It's Better With Prosecco! Hazel Black is always in control. That is until a slimy new employee steals her work, gets her fired and ruins her chance at a partnershipNot to worry, her nutty mother, Indigo, comes to the rescue with a nutty plan... move to Italy with her and flip a house she's just inherited under strange and unexplained circumstances. Hazel knows better than to trust any plans of Indigo's - but what choice does she have? But Italy has secrets and surprises that rock Hazel's world.