How To Create Wealth (Of Opportunities)

I love the phrase “wealth” of opportunities. Opportunities make you rich. Sure they can make you money rich, but more importantly they can make you rich with happiness and experience. I often get emails from people who are stuck. They will say things like, “I want to do something different but I live in this small town in (Texas, New Jersey, Montana, England) and I don’t know how to get out. I don’t know what to do next.” Or, “I would love to do something different but there are no opportunities here.” Are you stuck? If you are like the folks who send me emails you are not lazy, or stupid, or even scared (as many people are of opportunity). You just have a simple misunderstanding about opportunities.

Perhaps you believe that opportunities are something that come to you.

You are waiting for these opportunities to appear on your doorstep. You hear stories of people who got a life-changing job offer, got discovered by a talent agent, or found an angel investor for their company and you think, “what can’t that happen to me?”. If you are waiting, you will never have opportunity. Why? Because opportunities don’t come to you; they don’t even exist unless you create them. You can’t create cash out of thin air but, believe it or not, you can create opportunities.

You can create opportunity. You are courageous, intelligent and ambitious.

To create a wealth of opportunity you simple need to follow the steps below.  They don't take a lot of time and don't cost a penny. But they take commitment and consistency.

Choice Agents create Opportunity.

Step 1: Become a Choice Agent

A Choice Agent as someone who actively searches for, makes and acts upon choices that are clearly aligned with their Ultimate Whys. You may be saying, “But I make choices every day and I’m still not getting opportunity” but then I ask you - are you actively searching for choices? Or, are you only making those choices that are presented to you on a silver platter. Every day we allow the direction of our life to be decided by “not choosing”. We just hum along. Did you actively choose to do what you are doing today?

Step 2: Take Action

Read that definition again.  Choice is useless without action. Now that you have made a choice you must act on it.  Taking action creates change, change creates opportunities. Are you willing to change? If you are not willing to change, if deep down you prefer your cushy comfort zone, then you can not create opportunity. Because once again it is action that moves us forward.

Making choices and acting upon those choices creates change. Actively moving forward by embracing change and allowing change to become a regular part of your life will create opportunities. Bundles of them.

Imagine this. You dream of having your own business but you don’t have any money and you struggle with time. You make the choice that your effort to start a business will become your priority and you set aside 2 hours per evening to act upon that choice. This is a huge change for you. It means that you will have to skip your regular routine of winding down before bed with some TV. You count on that time to relax you because you have to get up early for work every day. It’s also a change for your husband. That’s your couple time. But you take action on that change. You stay up an extra half an hour to snuggle with your husband with his favorite show and you put in the 2 hours every day on your business. You are able to accomplish a lot of work in those 2 hours. You were able to send out 3 emails a day to possible partners. Four of those possible partners have already responded with keen interest (an opportunity!). You were able to create a sales page for your service and post it on Facebook. Five friends have already responded that they are interested (an opportunity!). You made one simple choice (and there are millions available). You acted on that choice to create a change. You acted on that change and now you are creating opportunities. It amazes you how many opportunities are pouring in now that you have applied the secret formula. Not long after you are able to make the choice to quit your job, implement that change and work full-time on your business. Imagine the opportunities now.

I challenge you. Make one easy choice today. It doesn’t have to be a big one. Just consciously make a choice and act upon it. Embrace the changes that choice presents to you and look for opportunities. They are on their way.

Did you create opportunities today? Please share in the comments below.