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Welcome to my internet home. Come on in, the fire's lit and I have a glass of wine ready and waiting. If you like fun, breezy, romantic books with a touch of adventure and intrigue, you're in the right place. I started writing and publishing in 2017 - and the best part about this new career are readers like you. They send me great emails, hang out with me in my gossipy reader group on Facebook, and let me send them tons of travel photos from all over the world in my weekly Lit Chick Gossip. I'd love it if you joined the fun! 

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An Author


Out of all of the jobs on my crazy diverse resume - from waitress, to cartridge sales, to voice-over artist, to actress, to systems analyst, to software designer to business owner - this one is my favorite.  What could be better than spending the day telling stories! If you like fun, breezy unapologetic chick lit then you're my kind of girl. I give away lots of free stuff to loyal readers. Stay tuned for some romantic suspense in late 2018 and crime fiction in 2019 - I'm currently attending Dundee University getting my MLitt in Crime Writing & Forensic Investigation.

An Entrepreneur


As an author I am once again running my own business. In 2006 I decided to create a business from scratch.  I had $500 and a book on Yahoo Store Design. Eight years later I sold that business so I could start my next adventure (writing novels). I learned a lot along the way. Now I enjoy coaching women entrepreneurs and helping people become digital nomads through their own free-range business.  I love speaking and have tons of juicy content that audiences love. If you're interested in booking me please reach out.

An Adventurer

We dreamed that one day we would take our daughter out of school to spend a year exploring Europe.  With careful planning we made that happen in 2013 - but then somehow we never stopped. Mark and I are what you call digital nomads. Every day between 7:00am and 10:00am you'll find me somewhere putting words on a page. We mostly live in The Bahamas, Florida, Scotland, Italy - and elsewhere. You can follow our adventures on our travel blog, or by signing up for Lit Chick Gossip.