You want Lisa-Marie.

Audiences instantly connect with her approachability, authenticity and generosity. They walk away feeling energized and inspired loaded with information, worksheets and instantly applicable action items that make the memory of your conference or event live on in the legacy of their subsequent successes.

What makes Lisa-Marie different?

Unlike many coaches and speakers for conferences,  she has truly has been there and done that (outside of having a successful speaking/coaching company) by creating a 7-figure product based business from scratch and then selling that business for 7 figures! Her goal in life is to help ordinary people live extraordinary lives through the creation of New Economy™ and Free Range™ businesses.

  • She has extensive experience in the corporate world (designing, developing and implementing the global CRM system for ATT/BT, including presenting the global training program).
  • She conceived and created a 7-figure eCommerce business that began with a $500 investment.
  • She has successfully implemented The Freedom Formula™ in her own businesses so that she can travel the world full-time (she now splits her time between Florida, Italy, Scotland and The Bahamas with frequent side-trips to new destinations).
  • She discovered a way to distill all of her experience and knowledge in to a practical, effective coaching strategy which took her very first client from an art teacher making $34,000 a year to a full-time business owner making $17,000 per month… all in only 18 months.

All of this plus Lisa-Marie is incredibly comfortable on the stage after 8 years of conservatory acting training in NYC, as well as an 8 year career as an actor performing on stage for audiences of thousands.

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The following Keynote Presentations are ready and available but we are always willing to work with you within your budget to create a custom presentation specifically for your audience.  Contact us with questions or requirements.

The eRevolution

Why You Need A New Economy™ or Free-Range™ Business.  The world is changing rapidly and there is no time or place for sentimental nostalgia or stubborn inertia.  If you aren't molding you business toward a New Economy or Free-Range business model you may find yourself left behind.  In this session discover the elements of these business types and get a practical guide with an action plan that you can apply to your business to ensure your longevity.

Story Branding

So few people understand that branding is more than a cool logo with pretty colors.  Story Branding will give your company the personal identity that consumers require in this new world of connectivity.  When you know who you are, who you serve and what you promise - your customers will not only stick around but they will refer you to their friends.  In this session discover the steps to take that your brand is truly remarkable - includes a practical guide and action plan to give your company a rock-solid, unshakeable advantage in the market place.

Tribal Marketing™

Mass-market, attention grabbing, interruption marketing no longer works.  There are just too many ways for your customers to find and connect with the people, issues and companies that they really care about to pay attention to any of that old-style "noise".  The right way to market in the connection economy is to find, attract, convert and nurture those customer that will stick around and rave about you.  In this session you will learn the process to implement as the guiding strategy for your Tribal Marketing Plan.  This session will transform the way you think about marketing, save you advertising dollars and get you more happy customers.

The Ultimate Whys

Do you have goals that you never seem to get closer to reaching?  Do you continually reach your goals but find yourself in a place you never intended?  Do you want more purpose and meaning infused throughout your life and every day activities?  You need Ultimate Whys.  In this session you will find out why goals can be dangerous, what you need to do to out you on the path to an extraordinary life, and how to find glimpses of nirvana in every moment.  You will walk away with a practical guide and workbook to help you do the work required as a first step to an extraordinary life.

The Personal Branding Statement™

Until you know who you are you will never know if you are who you want to be.  Do you know who you are? Really?  Do you have a clear, deeply personal and meaningful vision for your life?  In this session you will learn how the business concept of "branding" applies to you as an individual.  We convert the business brand development method and create a Personal Branding Statement that will guide you in your journey towards your extraordinary life (workbooks, action plans and post-specch goodies all included).

Becoming A Choice Agent

Do you want that amazing feeling that every minute you are exactly where you are supposed to be?  Are you unhappy with the direction that your life is taking.  It's choosing that puts you in control. In this session you will learn how to identify and make choices without fear and hesitation.  You will leave the session with a solid understanding of the benefits of becoming a Choice Agent as well as take home practical guidelines and exercises that will assist you in practicing a skill that will change your life.

Remember, if you don't see what you need above, the Laptop Life crew are ready, willing and able to work within your budget to create a custom presentation specifically for your audience.

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