The Freedom Formula

So you’ve heard it all before.  Follow steps one, two, three and “hey presto” within 6 months you will be a millionaire.  Maybe you’ve downloaded one like it.  Maybe you’ve read one like it and even followed the steps.  But it didn’t work.

It didn’t work because there is no such thing as “get rick quick”.  You know that.  You’ve known it all along.  But it’s tempting anyway.

Success at anything takes skill, a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work.  There is not one “formula” out there that can create the life you want just by robotically following some magic steps. If it were that easy everyone would be doing it.  You have to throw your unique, original, wonderful self in to the mix – and that’s the bit that most “formulas” leave out.  It took me many years to create my extraordinary life – and a ton of hard work along the way. The Freedom Formula is not a “get rich quick” scheme.  If you commit to using The Freedom Formula as your guide, you might find your extraordinary life in 6 months, you might find it in 6 years.  I can’t tell you because I don’t know you.  And you are the most important piece of the formula.

The Freedom Formula starts with you.  So many of us spend time working toward goals that we haven’t really considered.  The Freedom Formula makes sure that you know where you would like to end up before you step on the path that leads to your extraordinary life.  You can get there.  I believe in you.

There are 3 steps to The Freedom Formula (oh the irony) – let’s review before we begin.

Step 1: Create Opportunity (Find your Extraordinary Life)

Often times we race blindly toward goals only to discover that when we get there it wasn’t what we wanted to begin with.  Step 1 of The Freedom Formula opens up a world of options.  Perhaps dreams you have never considered, perhaps goals you didn’t know you had.  In step 1 you figure out your Ultimate Whys – why you have the goals you have, what drives you, why you are you.  You define your individuality (what makes you, you) for yourself and the world by defining your Personal Branding Statement.  You will declare who you are now and start the journey towards who you want to be.  You will add all of that new wisdom together and then multiply it by becoming a Choice Agent, a person who consciously chooses, every day.  Follow these steps and opportunities will flow toward you.  Big opportunities.

Step 2: Find and Create Your Big Idea (Start a New Economy Business)

Now that you are awash with opportunities that you have created for yourself through understanding your Ultimate Whys, adding in your Personal Branding Statement and making loads and loads of choices – it’s time to find your Big Idea.  This is the business idea that will provide you with the resources and fulfillment you need to live your extraordinary life.  To do this you take all of opportunities that have come your way (new relationships, skills acquired, offers made, knowledge developed, desires sparked, etc…) and divide them.  First by confirming that the opportunity aligns with your Ultimate Whys – and then checking your personal resource availability through the implementation of Personal Resource Banking.  Once you have some ideas to run with you will learn the skills to evaluate, test and verify your ideas until you find the Big One.

Step 3: Find Freedom (Make Your Business Free-Range)

Now that you have your Big Idea it’s time to start Finding Freedom.  You have brainstormed, tested and validated your idea for a New Economy Business.  Your Big Idea is directly aligned with your Ultimate Whys and your Personal Branding Statement. The next and final step is to learn and methodically apply the 3 core components of a New Economy Business.  When you multiply the strength of your Big Idea through Story Branding (creating a brand so rock-solid no one can compete with or replicate what you are doing), Tribal Business (implementing the process to gather and reward members of your tribe) and PSAO (adding the right process, systems, automation and outsourcing), you will truly find FREEDOM.

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