Lisa-Marie Cabrelli

Helping Ordinary people
achieve extraordinary things

Come on in!

The fire is roaring, the table is set (with candles of course), and at my house, you always get a glass of wine (or beverage of choice) as you cross the threshold.
And in this virtual house, just like in my IRL home, it's all about conversation.
We'll probably invite too many people to join us, stay up too late, and plan crazy adventures together.

Just an ordinary person...

helping people live extraordinary lives.

I get immense joy and satisfaction from these things in my life: my husband, my daughter, my family and friends, creating things, reading books, traveling, good food and wine, and helping people.

Why would you trust me to help you?
You probably shouldn't unless I've done it before.
Here's my experience...

  • Spent a career in corporate America as a business systems analyst. Designed, developed & launched a global CRM system for an international telecom

  • Left corporate in 2006 and started a location independent eCommerce company with $500 and a book on building a Yahoo Store

  • In 2010 people started coming to me asking for help with their small businesses so I started Laptop Life Coaching. I took my first client from earning $28K/year as a teacher to earning $18K/month within 6 months.

  • Became a digital nomad in 2008 - I now spread my time between our homes in The Bahamas, Italy, Scotland, and US (plus travel in between)

  • Sold the eCommerce company for 7-figures in 2015 and "retired"

  • In 2016 I spent a year or two doing high-end consulting. I ran a digital marketing campaign that helped a telecom win a $350M cellular license bid and designed and implemented business process re-engineering plans for larger companies

  • Followed my dream of writing novels and wrote and published four romantic comedy beach reads

  • Went back to school in 2018 and got my MLitt, followed immediately by Ph.D. studies (still in progress)

  • In 2021 I started developing curriculum from scratch and teaching University undergraduates at The University of Dundee

  • Discovered Roam Research and began creating courses for academics, entrepreneurs, and authors

  • 2022 - Starting my own fiction and educational products publishing company?

How I can I help you...

Free Stuff

Pull up a chair. Most Sunday nights I send out a juicy digest filled with musings, conversation starters, stimulating reads, and other fun stuff.
It's for thinkers, solopreneurs, and fascinating people.

I do a lot of thinking and publishing around the tool Roam Research. I pull it all together once or twice a month and send it out. If you want it click the link above.

If you're interested in Roam Research I also make videos. You can find them on the youtube link above.


This course is for students or thinkers. It's for folks who need the result of a dissertation, thesis, or academic journal article. I illustrate the process on Roam Research but it's transferable to any tool for thought.


Now that the world is opening up again I plan on launching intimate, small cohort retreats for authors and entrepreneurs. These will take place at Water's Edge in The Bahamas and other exotic locations I discover on my travels. If you want to be kept up to date on those you can let me know


I very rarely do one-on-one coaching anymore as I donate most of my coaching time to deserving organizations and personal referrals.
However, if you've got results in you, I can get them out. Guaranteed.
If you have an idea for a location-independent business you want to aggressively pursue (with hard work and commitment) I might be lured into it. Reach out to me.

Please note that my coaching rates are $1,000 a month for 3 one-hour sessions and email communication.

Reach out!

  • My DMs are always open on Twitter

  • If you are interested in travel and adventure you can follow me on Instagram

  • You can also email me any time.