You Take The High Road...

Edinburgh is our pit stop every year to and from our summer home in Italy.  Our sister-in-law is kind enough to keep our car (Zed) in her garage and he sits and waits patiently throughout the winter until Mark opens the garage door and lets in the light of June. Zed is always eager to go and starts on the first try after the battery is re-connected. 

New York, New York

When Mark and I were first dating we lived far apart and loved to meet in New York when we had a free weekend.  It was our habit to get up late, go to a diner for breakfast and then start walking.  We would walk all day, stop for the occasional coffee or ice cream and finally stumble in to a randomly picked restaurant for a meal and a bottle of wine before we found our way back to our hotel.  Old habits die hard.  We still walk in New York… a lot. Both days ticked over 20,000 steps on my fitbit which did wonders for my averages.

Best Discount Broadway Tickets

One of our favorite thing to do in NYC (in fact sometimes it's the reason we go to NYC) is to see theatre, lots of it.  Watching a lot of theatre in the theatre capital of the world can become expensive and we have made a rule NEVER to pay full price.  Here's how we do it.